Our World

By protecting the environment, we strive to enhance the Quality of Life of the communities in which we all live, while responding to our consumers' expectations for a more sustainable planet.


At Sodexo we acknowledge that our activities have a scale impact due to 30,600 managed sites and we recognize our responsibility to the environment. We strive to minimize its environmental footprint and to leverage our business activities to promote sustainable practices. Our greatest impact is through our use of energy and water, and the greenhouse gas emissions and waste associated.

At Aspretto we have adopted these values and take seriously our impact on the environment and are dedicated to reducing the amount of materials we use and the energy and emissions generated to transport and operate them.

So we thought it was worthwhile providing you with a few of the standards we have when it comes to our materials and respecting the environment – after all we only have one World!

  1. All of our Printed materials use 100% recycled paper and we use vegetable or soy based inks.
  2. All of our paper used with Aspretto is non-bleached and where possible we try to use other means of getting our messages across, which means that we don’t have to use paper at all!
  3. With our staging materials our aim is to use recycled metal and our preference is aluminum due to its weight. In North America for example all of the staging material is manufactured with 100% recycled aluminum.
  4. We try to use as much Post Consumer Fiber in our cups and sleeves as possible.
  5. The metal in our machines can be recycled at the end of its natural life.
  6. In many Countries we offer re-usable cups rather than disposable.
  7. We partner with suppliers and manufacturers in the Countries we operate to reduce energy and emissions generated.
  8. Innovative – with our partner in the US we have developed airpot wraps and servers which are made from 100% post-consumer fiber.

Our objective is to engage our consumers in innovation, information and communication, so that our actions have an impact beyond the sites in which we operate.

We are always looking for new ways of respecting our environment. If you have any ideas or suggestions of how we can improve we would love to hear from you.