Our Community

We refuse to accept the fact that almost a billion people around the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

While a lot of companies are offering ethically sourced coffee and tea in their range we wanted to go one step further.

We are absolutely committed to sourcing the best coffee and tea and supporting the communities where these are farmed.  Where we are different is that we also give back to the local communities where our beverages are consumed.

As part of our commitment to the communities where we do business, Sodexo launched the STOP Hunger initiative in 1996 to fight hunger and its root causes.  We are working to engage our employees, clients, vendor partners, and local communities to join forces to help fight hunger.

STOPHungerLogo2_tcm282-502118.jpgTo support this program aspretto gives directly back to the local communities through the STOP Hunger initiative.  For every pound of coffee and tea sold a financial contribution will be donated to local non-profit organizations that sponsor and support programs that combat hunger and malnutrition, helping those at risk in the communities where we operate.

We believe it will make your drink taste better than ever!

If you would like to know more about this important charity please visit stophunger.sodexo.com