Great Tea

We searched the world and tasted a lot of teas before we chose our partner, we wanted a partner who shared our views and values but at the same time had great tasting premium teas.


Great Tea Comes to Those Who Wait - Because our full leaf-leaf Numi Organic Tea blends are made from real, natural ingredients, the delicate fruit, flower and spice flavors need to brew for a little longer to reach their full potential. We think you'll agree its worth the wait.

All of the teas selected are 100% USDA Organic certified and six of the range are Fairtrade certified with the remaining two being ethically sourced.

Breakfast Blend


Four black teas compose this hearty and complex morning cup. Ceylon, from Sri Lanka, bestows its strong yet smooth profile, while Indian grown Assam imparts a malty and robust depth. Keemun, from China, offers deep burgundy notes that complement the natural floral and fruity Muscatel of Indian Darjeeling.

This tea is Fairtrade Certified by Transfair USA.

Moroccan Mint


some of the most soothing, refreshing and full-flavored mint flourishes in this ancient land of the Berbers. With flavor as light and lively as newly picked leaves, our choice organic mint will become your favorite mint tea.

Not Fairtrade Certified although is ethically sourced.

Aged Earl Grey


The secret to its lingering aroma is the Italian bergamot orange, called “The Fragrant One.” Numi's special, organic Earl Grey is oil-free - using a unique method of aging this Italian bergamot fruit with malty Sonitpur Assam black tea.

This tea is Fairtrade Certified by Transfair USA

Orange Spice White


is a blend of all natural, organic ingredients including premium Organic White Pai Mu Tan tea, orange peel, citrus, and spice for an authentic cup without oils or flavorings.

This tea is Fairtrade certified by Transfair USA.

Jasmine Green


is the oldest known scented tea and ours begins its life in the gardens of Jiangxi Province. The rich soil and fluctuations in daily temperature yield a fragrant leaf which is further scented with delicate white Jasmine blossoms.

This tea is Fairtrade certified by Transfair USA.

Berry Black


features real freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries to create an authentic berry taste. Complemented by smooth organic Darjeeling, which captures the depth of black tea and adds a floral balance.

This tea is Fairtrade certified by Transfair USA.

Gunpowder Green


this whole leaf tea is gently steamed within hours of being plucked, and then hand-rolled into small tight pearls which resemble “Gunpowder pellets”. When steeped, the leaves unfurl, releasing a well-rounded, full-bodied flavor. Rich in fluoride, calcium, and antioxidants - and with very little caffeine.

Not Fairtrade although is ethically sourced.

Rooibos Chai


and a sultry blend of spices come together in this caffeine-free chai. Rooibos is lauded for its high antioxidant properties. We've sourced the highest quality cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon, mingling them with sweet Indian allspice, Chinese ginger and cardamom.

This tea is Fairtade Certified by Transfair USA.