Great Coffee - Hong Kong

We recognize that our consumer coffee tastes differ as well as individual markets engagement with ethical certification. That's why Aspretto allows for local teams to choose the right portfolio of coffee while still delivering against our strict promises of quality.

In Hong Kong we have launched Aspretto at four locations which have been very successful.  More openings will be taking place throughout 2011.  Our coffee is Fairtrade and certified Organic by the Agriculture of Thailand.

In Hong Kong we work closely with Bolaven Farms - a privately owned, biotic diversified beyond Fair Trade Organic farming business.  Bolaven Farms is committed to go beyond certification requirements with our ultra low tolerance for chemicals with our soil, seeds, pesticides and insecticides.  At their farms, they provide free organic trainings to farmers with housing and meals provided.  As such, farmers' dedication to grow premium crops pays them prices that can make real improvements in their livelihood.

Our medium-dark roast Espresso consists of 100% organically produced coffee beans from Laos, Brazil and Ethiopia to produce a sophisticated aroma and flavor.  The blend composition gives this coffee and nutty and sweet taste, ideal for milk based speciality drinks.

If you have enjoyed our coffees in Hong Kong why not get in touch and let us know what you think?