Great Coffee - France

We recognize that our consumer coffee tastes differ as well as individual markets engagement with ethical certification. That's why Aspretto allows for local teams to choose the right portfolio of coffee while still delivering against our strict promises of quality.

In France we have now introduced Aspretto at 4 locations. Our coffee is Fairtrade Certified by Max Havelaar, ensuring farmers receive a fair wage, protective work clothing and social benefits.

France has many regional traditions when it comes to coffee, with a preference for long, light coffee in the North and stronger, Italian-style coffee in the South.

That’s why we have carefully selected coffee from Guatemala and the Congo that satisfy the demands and tastes of our consumers. This is achieved by choosing the best 100% Arabica beans along with different roasting techniques providing great tasting coffee. From a strong espresso to cappuccinos and lattes our beans are full of flavor.

Fairtrade-frenchMAX_tcm282-508978.jpgThe Fairtrade Certified by Max Havelaar label guarantees a premium for community projects such as building fresh water drinking fountains for schools, and refocusing on organic farming practices.

In order to conserve the refined delicate taste of our beans, we pack our coffee in vacuum-packed bags ensuring consistency and freshness.

If you have enjoyed our coffees in France why not get in touch and let us know what you think?