Great Coffee - China

We recognize that our consumer coffee tastes differ as well as individual markets engagement with ethical certification. That's why Aspretto allows for local teams to choose the right portfolio of coffee while still delivering against our strict promises of quality.

To date we have launched Aspretto in three locations, with many more planned throughout 2011.  We use 100% arabica beans from the pristine mountains of Southern Yunnan to provide a smooth great tasting coffee.

This coffee has been certified from the Mcmaster institute for Social Responsibility and from the Himalayan Census as an ethical trade certification.

Grown by local coffee farmers in remote areas at 800 to 1200 meters above sea level.   Our farmers use green growing practices and avoid the use of chemicals or pesticides. We only use the highest quality beans from the harvest.  
Our growers follow fair trade buying practices in support of sustainable livelihoods. We also give a portion of our proceeds to the Yunnan Mountain Heritage Center to support ecotourism and community development projects in Shangrila, Yunnan Province, China.

Our dark roast beans have a perfectly balanced flavor, full body and low acidity.  Experts agree that this coffee possesses all the characteristics of a superior quality coffee.

If you have enjoyed our coffees in China why not get in touch and let us know what you think?

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